WELCOME to Pangalele Building Consultants
With the global warming and reducing the carbon footprint, buildings are increasingly being designed, built and converted to be energy efficient. This is and has to be done in alignment with SANS.

In this dynamic environment both public and private institutions do need a high quality independent advisory service so as to continue to be relevant to the needs of their clients.

PBC specialises on, amongst others:

  • HEVAC (heating, energy, ventilation and air-conditioning)
  • Fire designs
  • Project Management,
  • Structural Plans

There is therefore always a need for any forward looking business to call on this support. Pangalele Building Consultants was therefore established to fill this need for those organization and individuals who value their contribution to the society and buildings as well as their long term sustainability

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Fax: +27 866 963 877
Box 13543 | Mowbray | Cape Town | 7705
Trading Hours:
Monday to Fridays 8.30 - 5pm.
Saturdays: 9 - 1pm
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